WADM Annotation Service for the
European Journal of Taxonomy

The European Journal of Taxonomy (EJT) is an online, fast-track, peer-reviewed, open access journal in descriptive taxonomy, covering subjects in zoology, entomology, botany, and palaeontology. It is owned and operated by a consortium of ten institutions and endorsed by the CETAF. This is the website of the annotation and digital archiving service for EJT (which itself resides at https://europeanjournaloftaxonomy.eu) and it allows direct access to and enrichment of taxonomic annotations made on EJT by Plazi.

A core mission of Natural History Institutions (NHIs) is to contribute to the understanding of the natural world and our place in it, and to disseminate this knowledge. A key aspect of NHI-publications is the description of species (and higher taxa) and the unravelling of their relationships to other species, i.e. taxonomy and classification. Biodiversity description and the formal naming of species is scattered across hundreds of journals, many of which are inaccessible and with small print runs. Today, several of these publications are at risk of extinction. Yet, dissemination of original research on biodiversity is crucial to the mission of NHIs. This annotation and archival service is based on W3C's WADM annotation standard and the InvenioRDM repository platform (which underpins Zenodo, the global catch-all repository for scientific research of the EC), and it supports the bringing-together and long-term preservation of on-going research investment based on biodiversity literature.